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[March 17, 2016] Alexey Titov

Gerasimov wins Moscow Open 2016!

Вениамин Герасимов - победитель МО-2016

[February 5, 2016] Alexey Titov

Official press-release of Moscow Open 2016

The tournament of the higher level of the ITHF World Tour will take place in Moscow on March 12-13th.

Moscow Open is an elite tournament of the World Tour held in Moscow starting 2001. Until 2012 the tournament under the "Moscow Cup" logo was a part one of the 6 best stages of the World Tour (the "Big Six" category). In 2013 the tournament has changed the name and logo to "Moscow Open", and since 2015 the Moscow stage of the World Tour joined the 4 main ITHF tournaments in the "Super" series of the World Tour.

Taking into account the present situation some of the features of the tournament will change, but main priority of the Organising Committee of the Moscow Open - 2016 remains the same: high-level organisation of the tournament with strict adherence to the schedule and respect of all ITHF rules and regulations. Moscow Open conciders table hockey as a professional sport with all corresponding attributes.

Moscow Open is a unique opportunity to take part in a tournament both for the best masters of table hockey, leaders of the World Ranking, and the novice players just making their first steps in the game.

Moscow Open will be conducted in two days, 12 and 13th of March:

1st day - qualification groups, quarterfinal, semifinal and final groups and leagues, first stages of the play-off series.
2nd day - qualification of the Russian Teams Championship, final stages of the Moscow Open play-off, final groups and the play-off series of the Russian Teams Championship.

All participants will receive souvenirs and diplomas with Moscow Open 2016 logo.

Registration for Moscow Open 2016 is open from February 5, 2016. The registration form would be published on the corresponding page of the official Moscow Open 2016 site.

We recommend to follow the news page, where all updates on the detail of Moscow Open conduct would be published, including information on accommodation in a hotel close to the venue with special "partner" prices, on booking inexpensive lunch for the tournament days in a restaurant near the sports complex, and many other.

Send your questions concerning Moscow Open 2015 to official postbox of the Russian Table Hockey Federation:

Moscow Open 2016 - is a way to improve your World Ranking!
Moscow Open 2016 - is a possibility to play with the champions and top stars of the table hockey world!
Moscow Open 2016 - is an incredible spirit, a sparkling event for all table hockey players!

Plan your participation in the main Russian table hockey tournament - Moscow Open 2016 - right now!

Leader of the Organizing Committee of the Moscow Open 2015
President of the Russian Table Hockey Federation
Alexey Titov

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