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[21 марта 2018 года] Алексей Титов

Maxim Borisov - winner of the Moscow Open 2018.

Максим Борисов - победитель Moscow Open 2018 по настольному хоккею

официальный отчет по итогам Moscow Open 2018

[March 21, 2018] Alexey Titov

The venue, contributions, formula and the prizes of Moscow Open 2018.

Important information about Moscow Open 2018 (brief).

The organizing committee of the international Moscow Open 2018 has made the decision to carry out the next stage of the World Tour in Izmailovo hotel complex to meet the needs of participants of the tournament and also to make use of successful experience of MO-2017.


конференц-зал в Измайлово

турнир по настольному хоккею в Измайлово

The complex is located in the picturesque district of the capital city, it is in the western part of the Izmaylovsky forest park, the environment is full of historical and architectural monuments. The building of hotel is closely connected with holding the XXII Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980. Five buldings symbolize five rings — Olympic Games emblems. 30-storied buildings with the 5000th number of rooms of various categories can accomodate 10000 people at the same time. The Izmailovo hotel is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in Europe. The official name of association — THC (Turistsko Hotel Complex), but popularly hotel has received the name "ABVGDEYKA" which is the abbreviation of the first letters of the name of building: Alpha, Beta, Vega, Scale, Delta.

A few years ago the hotel complex has was reconstructed and repaired, and now Izmailovo hotel meets all requirements of "European standard".

Thanks to the developed infrastructure it is possible to call Izmailovo "The city in the City". There are about 20 restaurants and bars where it is possible to try dishes of various national cuisines; the branch of the bank, mail, shops, the fitness center, Day spa, the automobile parking - all these conveniences are urged to provide the maximum comfort for guests of the capital.

Important circumstance of Izmailovo hotel is transport availability. The Guerrilla metro station is in 200 meters from hotel complex. It is possible to reach the subway in 3 minutes and it will take 15 minutes to reach the Kremlin and other main sights of Moscow. It is possible to reach the hotel “Leningrad”, Yaroslavl and Kazan railroad stations in the same 15 minutes, Kursk station - in 10 minutes!

Moscow Open 2018 considered several alternative options of holding tournament of "Big Four", including the known sports grounds of the capital and conference zone of other hotels, however after studying nearly ten various halls it has been decided to hold the tournament in Izmailovo hotel which has a convinient location and quality, and available price categories for accommodation.

Tournament on March 17-18th there will be held in a conference room named "Moscow" on the 2nd floor of the Beta building. Double rooms "Standard" at the price of 2300 RUB per night (without breakfast) are located in the same building and also additional fee food "buffet" will be offered to all participants (breakfasts, lunches and dinners) at the hotel restaurant.

The registration contribution will be cost 1050 RUB (15 EUR).

The budget of Moscow Open 2018 will be about 550 thousand rubles, about 170 thousand rubles of this amount will be spent on the prize fund and awards for participants. The winner of MO-2018 will receive 50 000 rubles, the silver medal winner - 25 000 rubles, bronze - 12 500 rubles. Other participants of the playoffs will be awarded with valuable prizes.

[January 31, 2018] Alexey Titov

Official press-release of Moscow Open 2018

The tournament of the higher level of the ITHF World Tour will take place in Moscow on March 17-18th.

Moscow Open is an elite tournament of the World Tour held in Moscow starting 2001. Until 2012 the tournament under the "Moscow Cup" logo was a part one of the 6 best stages of the World Tour (the "Big Six" category). In 2013 the tournament has changed the name and logo to "Moscow Open", and since 2015 the Moscow stage of the World Tour joined the 4 main ITHF tournaments in the "Super" series of the World Tour.

Taking into account the present situation some of the features of the tournament will change, but main priority of the Organising Committee of the Moscow Open - 2018 remains the same: high-level organisation of the tournament with strict adherence to the schedule and respect of all ITHF rules and regulations. Moscow Open conciders table hockey as a professional sport with all corresponding attributes.

Moscow Open is a unique opportunity to take part in a tournament both for the best masters of table hockey, leaders of the World Ranking, and the novice players just making their first steps in the game.

Moscow Open will be conducted in two days, 17 and 18th of March:

1st day - qualification groups, main round and leagues.
2nd day - final groups and play-off.

Registration for Moscow Open 2018 is open from January 31, 2018. The registration form would be published on the corresponding page of the official Moscow Open 2018 site.

We recommend to follow the news page, where all updates on the detail of Moscow Open conduct would be published, including information on accommodation in a hotel close to the venue with special "partner" prices, on booking inexpensive lunch for the tournament days in a restaurant near the sports complex, and many other.

Send your questions concerning Moscow Open 2018 to official postbox of the Russian Table Hockey Federation:

Moscow Open 2018 - is a way to improve your World Ranking!
Moscow Open 2018 - is a possibility to play with the champions and top stars of the table hockey world!
Moscow Open 2018 - is an incredible spirit, a sparkling event for all table hockey players!

Plan your participation in the main Russian table hockey tournament - Moscow Open 2018 - right now!

Leader of the Organizing Committee of the Moscow Open 2018
President of the Russian Table Hockey Federation
Alexey Titov

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