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[March 19, 2013] Alexey Titov

Amazing victory of Alexander Miloradov on Moscow Open 2013!

The first Moscow Open, held on March 16-17th in a sports complex in the southern-western part of Moscow, granted participants and spectators with an incredible number of sensations and unexpected results. The victory in the prestigeous and highly ranked tournament celebrated 22-year old moscovite Alexander Miloradov, as the first triumph in his carrier. In addition to the Moscow Open-2013 cup alexander received a cheque for 45 thousands roubles and an exclusive diploma.

Александр Милорадов - победитель МО-2013

As a result of the Moscow stage of the World Tour, one of the "Big Six" tournaments, Miloradov improved his position in the World Ranking and first time entered top ten of the players of the planet, reaching the 8th place there.

official report on the results of Moscow Open 2013 (in Russian).

[February 5, 2013] Alexey Titov

Official press-release of Moscow Open 2013.

Moscow Open 2013 is a tournament of the "Bix Six" part of the World Table Hockey Tour, and is a successor of the Moscow Cup series of table hockey tournaments.

The main goal of the organizing committee of Moscow Open 2013 is high level organization of the tournament with the exact adherence to the schedule and to the ITHF Tournament Rules.

Significant prize funds are mandatory as a unique property of the Moscow stage of the WTHT. At the same time, organizing committee will not continue the practice of "personal invitation" of the table hockey stars. All participants of the Moscow Open 2013 will start in equal conditions, and all prize money will be divided between all players who made to the second day of the tournament.

The venue, tournament formula, prize money and awards will be decided soon, the registration of the participants is already open.

The new team of organizers of the Moscow Open 2013 is making all possible efforts to run the tournament on a high level and to keep all the main traditions of the Moscow Cups.

In 12 years Moscow Cup won high authority and is appreciated by participants. Moscow Cup has a brilliant history and is unique both in development dynamics and in number and quality of players who took part in this main Russian tournament. In 2012 Moscow Cup gathered a record-breaking number of participants for a WTHT tournament, more than 250.

The Moscow Cup was hosted by almost all big stadiums in Moscow: Sports Complex "Olympic", Sports Complex "Krylatskoye", Ice Palace "Megasport" on Khodynka, Basketball Sports Palace "Dymano", Sports Palace "Moskvich", Ice Arena "Mytischi".

The official opening ceremonies were visited by stars of sports (ice hockey players Alexander Khavanov, Alexey Troshchinsky, Andrey Nikolishin, and others) and stars of show business (Valery Meladze, Sergei Galanin, Valeria, Larisa Dolina, and others).

Moscow Cup is the only tournament in the world considering table hockey as a professional sports, with all attributes of such, like significant prize money, presentation on main TV-channels and in other mass-media.

Starting from 2001, when the first Moscow Cup was held, the permanent leader of the organizing committee of the Moscow Cup was its founder Mikhail Margolis, who carried out a tremendous work on promotion of the Moscow Cup brand and of the table hockey sports in general. After the XII Moscow Cup held in 2012 Mikhail Margolis announced of "suspension of his work on organization of the Moscow Cup tournaments".

In the 2012/13 season Russian Table Hockey Federation, after consulting with the ITHF, made a decision to organize a "Big-Six" WTHT tournament in Moscow in the pre-set period of March 16-17, 2013. The new tournament got a new name, Moscow Open.

Follow the news and updates on the RTHF site.

Leader of the Organizing Committee of the Moscow Open 2013
President of the Russian Table Hockey Federation
Alexey Titov

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