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The venue

[January 15, 2015] Alexey Titov

Moscow Open 2015 will be held in a modern sports complex!

The venue of the internation table hockey tournament Moscow Open 2015 is decided. It will be held in the Sports Complex of the Western Administrative District of Moscow, Pokryshkin street 3, building 3.

This hall successfully held the Moscow Open 2013, Moscow Open 2014, and some stages of the Russian and Moscow table hockey Championships.

спорткомлекс на ул. Покрышкина

The sports complex was commissioned in 2013 and meets all modern demands. The complex presents comfortable spacious locker rooms with personal locker boxes and with shower cubicles; the playing hall provides all necessary conditions for table hockey: good illumination, ventilation and conditioning system. The area of the playing hall exceeds 600 square meters. The guests may use wardrobe for coats, self-servise coffee and snacks machnies.

The venue of Moscow Open 2013 is easily reached from any part of Moscow, because the metro station "Yugo-Zapadnaya" is in a close neighborhood.

игровой зал

The organizing committee makes all efforts to make attendance as comfortable as possible. An agreement is done with the "Skazka" restaurant, just 30 steps away from the venue, to provide lunches both on Saturday and on Sunday for all players and spectators of the MO-2015.

ресторан Сказка

The hotel "Astrus" (***) provides accommodation by special "partner" prices (2300 roubles per night per double room - about 15 Euro per person per night) for all guests of Moscow Open 2015.

The address of the Moscow Open 2015 - Moscow, Pokryshkina st. 3, building 3.

Venue of MO-2015 on the Yandex-map


By foot: from metro station "Yugo-Zapadnaya" turn to the Pokryshkina street and walk 600-700 meters. To the left locate two green (light green) towers (apartment houses). Just before "Perekryostok" supermarket (blue sign-board ПЕРЕКРЕСТОК) turn to the left to the towers. The entrance to the sports complex is behind the towers, you will see a porch with white columns and green doors.

By car on the on the Yandex-map

By car: at the metro station "Yugo-Zapadnaya" turn to the Pokryshkina street. Continue for approximately 700 meters, pass the cross-road with the Akademika Anokhina street with the street lights, turn around on the next cross with street-lights, and turn to the right after the "Perekryostok" supermarket. The car may be left on the parking in front of the supermarket, or near the "Skazka" restaurant.

Another possibility is to turn to the left from the Pokryshkina street somewhat earlier, before the house Nr3, to the Akademika Anokhina street, and then continue through the yards near the house Nr26.

Attention: parking in front of the sports complex is limited in size, so organizing committee recommends to leave your cars on the parking near the supermarket or near the restaurant "Skazka".

улица Покрышкина

вид здания с улицы

вход спорткомлекс

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